Raising Kids Twogether

“The relationship that shapes a child’s life more than any other…is the one between their mom and dad!”

Parenting can create stress on the couple relationship like nothing else; especially the early parenting stages. Now there is help for moms and dads with kids in the first five years of age. Raising Kids Twogether empowers moms and dads to parent as a team and build a strong marriage!

 Raising Kids Twogether combines a popular parenting program with a powerful couples communication course.

 To create stress-free parents and partners, Raising Kids Twogether is built upon two core principles.

 principle #1: Great Parents are Made, Not Born!

 Raising Kids Twogether uses Active Parenting’s 1, 2, 3, 4 Parents!, the highly-recommended Parent Education program designed to help moms and dads become great parents.

 Topics include:

  • How Will You Parent?
  • Building the Bond
  • The Question of Discipline
  • The “ACT” of Parenting
  • Choice and Consequences
  • The Power of Encouragement
  • and more.


principle #2: Behind Every Great Parent is a Loving Partner!

 Raising Kids Twogether equips moms and dads with easy-to-use communication and conflict management skills from Love’s Cradle, a highly effective Relationship Education program.

Couples learn how to:

  • connect at a deeper level
  • demonstrate concern to each other
  • minimize and diffuse arguments
  • give-and-accept forgiveness
  • protect love and intimacy
  • and more.